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  • Jonathan Poyer


With data now available for 2021 from the Association for Advancing Robotics (A3), the number of robots sold in North America set a new high in 2021 increasing 28% over 2020. As inflation and labor shortages continue to impact production and manufacturing, the global robotics market continues to grow.

A3 is gearing up for its annual conference, “Automate”, from June 6-9 in Detroit: Free Registration

Non-automotive orders now total 58% of North American totals. In addition, unit sales saw the following increases:

  • Metals: up 91% over 2020

  • Food and Consumer Goods: up 29%

  • Semiconductors and Electronics/Photonics: up 2%

  • Plastics and Rubber: up 4%

  • Life Sciences/Pharma/Biomed: up 4%

  • All Other Industries: up 65%

Forecasts expect continue pressure on labor markets, CPI, and PPI. Expect more robotics and automation investment to help meet supply and demand pressures.

Check out the AlphaCentric Robotics Blog:

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