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  • Jonathan Poyer

4 Robotics & Automation Stocks To Put On the Radar

Stereotaxis (STXS). The stock declined by 50.67% during quarter, however, it is our belief that the company’s prospects remain exceptionally bright.

Procept Biorobotics (PRCT), a surgical robotics company that develops transformative solutions for minimally invasive procedures in the multibillion-dollar urology space. While down 6.57% during the difficult Q2 environment, the stock dramatically outperformed both the market and its R&A peer group.

Fanuc Corp (6945 JP), a maker of highly specialized, factory automation equipment. The stock declined by 12.31% during the quarter. Yet, the trend toward factory automation remains deeply entrenched in the long-term strategic plans for global manufacturers of every ilk.

Vuzix Corp (VUZI), a maker of augmented reality wearable displays and computing devices with both huge military and civilian applications. VUZI was up 7.58%

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