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  • Jonathan Poyer

Biotech M&A Off to the Races - Sun, GSK, J&J, Merck, and Novartis in on the Action

Updated: Apr 11

Leading up to and following the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, we saw some action in the M&A market. The biotech select index popped up until January 8th and has been on a bit of grind down since. We expect to a see a good amount of action through the first half of the year. This will especially be so in the secondar market. Interestingly, there were more reverse merger transactions (13) last year than IPOs (12) and the aftermarket performance in the aggregate has been significantly higher.

Week Ending January 12th, 2024

  • Biotech: 3 Transactions (1 Follow-Ons and 2 PIPEs) totaling just under $300 Million

  • Med Tech: 1 Transaction (1 PIPE) totaling $50 Million

2024 YTD:

  • 12 Biotech transactions totaling just under $3 Billion v. 2023: 1 Biotech transaction totaling just over $200 Million

  • 1 Med Tech transaction totaling $50 Million v. 2023: 0 Med Tech transactions

Private Transactions:

  • Biotech: 11 US Transactions / 6 European Transactions

  • Med Tech: 6 US Transactions / 1 European Transaction

Latest Transactions:

Sun Pharma acquired Taro Pharmaceutical: $348M or $43/share

GSK acquired Aiolos Bio: $1B

J&J acquired Ambrx Biopharma: $2B or $28/share Merck & Co. acquired Harpoon Therapeutics: $680M or $23/share

Novartis acquired Calypso: $250M

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