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  • Jonathan Poyer

WSJ: Why Biotech is Poised for a Recovery This Year

An ARTICLE in the WSJ highlights the biotech industry and provides some insights from the 41st annual JPMorgan Health Care Conference:

The drug industry is now divided between the haves and the have-nots.

That wide gap in mood was in stark relief as thousands of industry professionals descended upon San Francisco last week for JPMorgan‘s big healthcare conference. On one side were giddy pharma executives with plenty of access to cash and their stocks trading near record highs. On the other side, there were cash-strapped small biotech bosses, speaking of layoffs and suspended clinical trials....

You may recall our previous post highlighting some of the deals and activity to start the year.

The article concludes: "The deal flurry isn’t expected to abate, putting the biotech sector on path to continue the outperformance with which it started 2023."

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