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  • Jonathan Poyer

Obesity Drugs are Going to Change the World - And That Includes the Investing World

Follow-Up Visit with the Doctor | September 2023 Biotech Market Insights with Mark Charest, PhD

This month's discussion topics include:

  • Amgen/Horizon

  • Seagen/Pfizer

  • Crinetics Pharmaceuticals (CRNX)

  • Obesity drugs

Understanding the M&A landscape is very important and the recent FTC investigation of the Amgen/Horizon deal was very important; especially as it wound up being abandoned with the deal moving forward. That decision's impact on the Seagen/Pfizer deal has moved the market.

We also discuss the GOP-1 obesity drugs and the incredible impact this is having on all sorts of niche markets. This could be an absolute game changer for public health and understanding all of the tentacles is extremely important for investors.

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