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  • Jonathan Poyer

Philadelphia Gathering - Can and Should You Utilize Alternatives?

Come find out how Commodities, Trend Following, and Return Stacking do more than fill the gap.

Hear from three of the best in the business at explaining how and why alternatives like trend following, systematic macro, and return stacking can help investors move beyond the 60/40 framework. JOIN US! REGISTER NOW Then press them for more, with a lively Q&A session followed by a cocktail hour where you can get face-to-face time and drill down into more details about these asset managers’ portfolio ideas.

Topics will include:

  • How Alts can help investors move into a more adaptive and reactive portfolio construction framework

  • Why the best Alts are there for the good times, too; not just the bad periods

  • The difference between Trend Following and Systematic Macro

  • How and why commodities can act as an inflation hedge

  • Their Alpha sources and Edge

  • The current low volatility market regime and what may come next

Logan Hotel/ The Stenton Room

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